Our global family of United Flexible companies

United Flexible is a global leader in innovative engineered flexible solutions for the safe and reliable transfer of fluids and gases even in the most extreme environments. We provide value using our expertise in the design, development, manufacturing and support of braided metal, composite, fluoropolymer, PTFE tubing and hoses, precision bellows, thermal actuators, expansion joints and engineered assemblies. Our diverse product line coupled with unparalleled engineering and applications knowledge enable our customers to receive optimized solutions for nearly any liquid and gaseous transfer application.

United Flexible will partner with you to optimize your system, extend life cycles, improve temperature, pressure and vibration performance, ensure material compatibility and maximize efficiency of critical applications.


With deep engineering expertise, we help you select the right hose, tubing, precision bellows, and expansion joints for your application. We manufacture several categories of industrial hose products. And if you don’t see the right solution for your application, we can custom engineer and build the assembly you require.


United Flexible is your experienced choice for critical and custom fluid and gas transfer applications that are technically and/or operationally challenging. We have a proven track record in a variety of industries of solving problems that haven’t been solved before, and creating products to do jobs others couldn’t do.


Our products are found in the depths of the oceans and the expanses of space and just about everywhere in between! From engineering to hose and assembly manufacturing, we are a global company with support in regions close to you and can meet your fluid and gases transfer requirements.


With the materials, expertise, and proven quality of our products—literally from the outer reaches of space to the depths of the oceans—we will design the right hose products and assemblies for your application.