NASA Astronaut Terry Virts Visits US Hose Corporation

05 May 13

Colonel Terry Virts of the US Air Force visited US Hose Corp Romeoville on April 4, 2013, as part of the Space Flight Awareness Program in conjunction with The Boeing Company.

Virts was the pilot of the Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission STS-130 and will be part of Expeditions 42 and 43 to the International Space Station in November 2014.

On these missions, Virts will be leading the installation of the NORS equipment, a system designed to produce and store oxygen and nitrogen while onboard the space station. US Hose Corp created special metallic flexible hose assemblies to facilitate the transfer of the oxygen and nitrogen in the system.

Virts was on hand in order to tour the facility and review the equipment and processes US Hose developed for the mission. The visit allowed Virts the opportunity to examine, first hand, the braiding, corrugating, welding processes, and testing that goes into making the hoses for him and the other astronauts which will rely on while aboard the International Space Station. Virts inspected sample mockups of the hardware and commented that he was impressed with how flexible the hoses are.

He also had a lengthy presentation where he talked about the International Space Station and how the hoses made by US Hose Corp will be used. There was a video, he talked about the Shuttle Endeavor, and answered US Hose Corp employee, and their families, questions about training, an astronaut’s responsibilities, and life in space.

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