Watch Videos of NASA Astronaut Terry Virts at US Hose Corporation

10 May 13

NASA Astronaut Terry Virts visited and spoke at US Hose Corporation in Romeoville, Illinois. US Hose created a custom made twenty five foot flexible metal hose to assist astronauts in the International Space Station in adding a new module to the station. The football field size space station uses US Hose hoses to carry nitrogen and oxygen so astronauts can breathe and do experiments.


Below you can watch Colonel Virts showing a video from his last mission of him attaching US Hose Corporation hoses to the inside and outside of the new module and discusses his experience on Space Shuttle Mission STS-130.

Jim Barreth of Boeing introduces Colonel Tery Verts (10:10)

Terry Virts Presentation – Part 1 (5:15)

Terry Virts Presentation – Part 2 (14:00)

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