Chemical Cross Contamination Corrected With Composite Hose

28 March 16

Chemical Contamination Issue

A major chemical producer was using dedicated hose assemblies for the blending and packaging of their specialty chemicals. They were experiencing expensive contamination of their transport hoses. Often the company’s production operators mistakenly used hoses designed for and dedicated to one product, to transport other products. The cost of the contamination from the use of the wrong hose resulted in wasting thousands of dollars in lost time, lost product, clean up, and expensive chemical disposal costs.

Enter US Hose

The customer contacted US Hose to see if it could come up with a foolproof solution that would solve the problem. Field sales personnel visited the customer’s plant to review the problem with the Plant Manager and Director of Engineering.

After a comprehensive review, US Hose proposed that the customer change each dedicated line from the rubber hose they were using to Willcox composite hose. US Hose engineers also suggested that each Willcox composite hose be individually color-coded and each chemical used in the plant assigned a specific hose color. They suggested plant operators paint the connection manifolds to match the color of the hoses to ensure the right hose would only be connected to the correct color-coded connection.

Problem Solved

These solutions immediately eliminated the contamination problem that had been going on in the plant for years and the plant has not experienced one hose contamination episode since the change.

As an added benefit, the new composite hose systems eliminated a kinking problem which the customer had not even communicated to US hose.

US Hose’s careful investigation of the problem, high quality products, and precise engineering solutions fixed the problem and saved the chemical company operators time, eliminated product waste and saved thousands of dollars.

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