High Pressure Problem With an “Ultra” Solution

29 March 16

An oil well service company was struggling to find a reliable product for high-pressure nitrogen service. Service truck operators had to piece together short hoses to assemble 100 feet lengths. Moreover, the abrasion protection on the hoses they were using frayed endangering the operator’s hands as they delivered product.

None of their suppliers were able to solve their hose problem. They needed a ½” 6000 psi hose in 100 foot lengths with a protective cover that would be flexible and durable enough to be used on a service truck reel.

US Hose reviewed the customer’s application and suggested our “Ultra High Pressure Braided Hose” as a solution to every one of the customer problems. “Ultra” is now specified on all of their service trucks. “Ultra” eliminated down time. Service truck operators are happy they don’t have to worry about their hands being cut by the braid. The customer’s operation is safer now with a continuous piece of hose on every reel.

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