US Hose Turns Up the Pressure

30 March 16

An aerospace company needed to increase the system pressure on their high-pressure test stands. Previously, US Hose Corporation had solved a similar problem for this company when they increased pressures in their 3” lines from 800 psi to 1200 psi.

Subsequently the company found the increasing demands of the market required more stringent and higher pressure testing. So once again, they turned to US Hose Corporation for a solution.

Their new testing system required a working pressure of 1800 psi. The US Hose engineering and sales team collaborated with the aerospace company and developed a hose that not only met, but exceeded their requirements by 1200 psi. Our RF67 3” hose was placed in service and its 3,000 psi working pressure can easily handle the current upgrade as well as any foreseeable future projects.

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