U.S. Hose Corp. earns AS 9100 certification

05 August 16

To demonstrate its ongoing commitment to producing products that meet the highest quality and safety standards, U.S. Hose Corp. recently obtained AS 9100 certification through BSI of America.

The yearlong certification process required lengthy documentation and several company audits to achieve what might be called the “gold standard” in the aerospace industry. Officials at U.S. Hose, a division of United Flexible, Inc., hope that their vigilant pursuit of the certification sends an important message to its employees, customers and shareholders.

“It tells our employees we care about how we design and manufacture our products so customers are satisfied with our products and service,” said Angel Vazquez, vice president of engineering. “Our customers will experience for themselves the effort invested by our employees when they receive product and services that meets all their demands. Our shareholders feel their investment with a company that values quality and customer satisfaction is safe and solid.”

To grasp the full meaning of the accomplishment, some background might be necessary.

AS 9100 is a quality management system that defines the minimum requirements a manufacturer of aerospace applications should follow to guarantee safety and mission success. In this way, the certification process navigated by U.S. Hose Corp. is similar to how pharmaceutical companies must comply with protocols and requirements established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and how colleges and universities must conform to educational standards established by regional accreditation agencies.

“All those airplanes in the air, as well as the spacecraft around our planet and beyond, are manufactured items,” Vazquez said. “The companies that make the aircraft and the spacecraft, as well as all the components within them, need to adhere to the strictest requirements.”

Still, the certification process is voluntary, not mandatory. And not all companies devote the time and energy to securing the coveted status – a particular point of pride for Vazquez.

“Being AS 9100 certified means we care for our employees, customers and shareholders by making the best possible products to a very demanding market where the best performance is critical,” Vazquez said. “This means a great deal to us. It gives us a sense of pride to be amongst a select group of companies able to manufacture critical components to the highest possible set of requirements.”

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