Product Solutions at United Flexible’s Center of Excellence for Bellows

27 April 18

Fulton Bellows, United Flexible’s Center of Excellence for Bellows, is moving up the value chain by Engineering and Manufacturing Systems in which its component bellows are a part of or reside in. Of note is a recent achievement in integrating their precision bellow with its corresponding system valve.

The customer identified a concern in its own ability to mate the two parts having had some unsuccessful attempts in the past. Our Design and Manufacturing Engineers were able to analyze some failed samples provided, by the customer, and discovered root cause(s) of the issue.  United Flexible then produced several prototypes of the completed system for the customer to approve.

Full integration of our engineering and production experts yielded a complete process map which was implemented in a short delivery window. The assemblies were not only fabricated and tested, but also precision cleaned to exceed the customer’s expectations.

United Flexible’s Precision Bellows Center of Excellence has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing metal bellows. This vast history provides us a broad range of knowledge of bellows performance and their durability characteristics. Our Product Engineers are available to collaborate with our customers to develop bellows solutions from the most basic of applications to those that are extremely complicated and unique. Our technical team will work closely with customers throughout all stages of product development, from the conceptual stage through production. Our proven solutions for temperature, flow and pressure control with precision hydroformed bellows and assemblies have been used in fighter aircraft, rocket engines and automobiles.

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