Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

For over a half century Kreisler Manufacturing has provided precision tube assemblies, fabricated ducts, synchronizing rings and manifolds used in aerospace and industrial gas turbines.

Today we operate design and manufacturing facilities in North America to ensure rapid worldwide delivery, global sourcing advantages, and price stability. Our employees have turned operational excellence into our competitive advantage – targeting perfect quality and perfect delivery with cost consciousness. The result is a reputation as the as the “first choice”, best choice for our customers.

WE hold multiple certifications, a track record of proven performance for the world’s aircraft and engine manufacturers, and maintain the absolute highest standards in the industry. We offer unsurpassed turn-around time; engineering design and development, and product prototype assemblies to help get projects off the ground quickly.

Kreisler Manufacturing is on the leading edge in terms of manufacturing processes as well as customer service. We are ready to take you as far as you want to go.

Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

Process and Services

Our systems and processes are certified by a host of applicable industry standards including ISO. AS9100 and NADCAP. We employ cellular manufacturing and one piece flow to ensure quality and productivity.

Kreisler provides a comprehensive solution to produce and deliver your mission critical hardware. From engineering to finished product, development and prototyping, even product transitions for source transfers – every challenge is met with purpose, focus and integrity.

  • CNC Bending – 1/8″ through 3″
  • Welding – Manual and Machine Welding (GTAW)
  • Brazing – Vacuum Furnace and Induction
  • Forming – State of the Art Bulge Forming – Sheet Metal and Tubular Die-Forming
  • EDM and Laser Machining

  • NDT – FPI and State of the Art Digital X-Ray
  • CNC Machining – 3 and 5 Axis
  • Engineering Services – Design, Mechanical, Methods and Metallurgical Analysis
  • SPL Process – Titanium Cleaning, Nickel Plating, Passivation

Aerospace (Commercial and Defense)

Kreisler has manufactured precision engine components for the aerospace industry for over half a century – consistently delivering high quality products and helping our customers solve complex engineering and manufacturing challenges. Today, Kreisler tubular fabrications fly on thousands of leading commercial and military engine / aircraft platforms.


– F135; F119; F100; F110; F404


– PW1000 (Airbus Neo; Bombardier; MRJ; Embraer; Irkut)
– PW4000; PW2000
– GE90; Gen-X; CFM56; GP7000
– Trent 1000


– Siemens 501F Series
– GE Frame 7 & 9
– LM Series — Aero-Derivative


– Primary Fuel Manifolds
– Spraybar Manifolds
– Bleed Air Ducting
– Oil Transfer Tubes — Pressure Bearing
– Low Pressure Turbine Cooling
– HPC / HPT Air Pressure
– Oil Reduction Lines
– Oil Scavage
– Anti-Icing
– Coil Fuel Tubes
– Hydraulic Actuation Systems
– Synchronizing Rings – Variable Vane Assy

Fuel Manifolds — Bleed Air Ducts — Oil Transfer Tubes — Sync Rings — Hydraulic Actuation

Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible
Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible
Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

Primary Fuel Manifold

Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

Oil Transfer Tube

Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

Synch Ring

Kreisler Manufacturing - United Flexible

Bleed Air Duct