Dense Pac High-Pressure Hose Assemblies

High-pressure hose systems help solve a number of issues facing the aerospace, automotive, energy, and marine industries. United Flexible strives to produce the best high-pressure hoses by engineering mechanical solutions that resolve vibration, thermal, or pressure-related problems involving liquid and gas transfer.

Get to Know Dense Pac

High pressure smooth bore anti-static PTFE hose with Dense Pac braid reinforcement supports high-pressure operation in a lightweight flexible construction. This can be used in higher temperature service conditions such as high-temperature hydraulics (phosphate-ester based) in steel mills, plastics reaction injection molding (RIM), heated hose dispensing hot-melts, and high-pressure gas and oxygen transfer.

Dense Pac is available sintered for gas, non-sintered for liquids, and in single or double braid.

What You Can Expect Out of a Dense Pac High Pressure Hose Assembly

  • Chemical Resistance

    Our PTFE liner is resistant to gases and liquids such as adhesives, plastics, and hydraulic fluids.

  • Frictionless Inner Liner

    Designed for use with viscous medias, our liner prevents build up and clogs in adhesives, plastics, and paint applications.

  • Anti-Static Inner Core

    Our inner core contains carbon black to reduce the potential of static build up in critical applications.

  • 5,000 PSI Max Working Pressure

    With this high working pressure, our Dense Pac hose is ready for continuous service.

Assemblies are made specific to the length and diameter needed to connect to your system. Whether you need an entire hose system or a handful of high-pressure hose accessories, United Flexible has what you need.

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