United Flexible built its reputation on a solutions approach to product development and engineering, this remains true today.

Our Engineering and Customer Service Teams enable customers to use a safety first, performance and value orientated product for today’s demanding industrial applications.

Our Engineering Department can calculate and provide:

  • Flow velocity
  • Pressure Drop
  • Cycle Life
  • Recommendations on hose installations among others

Our Fluoropolymer PTFE Hose assemblies are designed to perform in rigorous conditions with random independent inspections daily to ensure quality in every step of the process.

All products undergo final in-house inspection, where our inspectors issue:

  • Certificates of Conformance
  • Certificates of Testing
  • Third party certification is also available, when required by customers

United Flexible ensures a quality driven product in every process, every step of the way.

At United Flexible, “Our Flexibility Is Your Strength.”

History of PTFE

PTFE was discovered by Dr. Roy Plunkett (E.I. DuPont de Nemours) on April 6th 1938 while doing research to find an alternative to the toxic refrigerants of the day ammonia and sulfur dioxide.

TFE (tetrafluoroethylene) was the base molecule being used at the time. Cylinders of TFE gas were frozen and upon opening a valve to one of the containers it was noted there was no gas escaping even though the container still weighed as full.

Dr. Plunkett and his assistant Jack Rebok decided to dissect the container and upon opening it found that the TFE has polymerized into a white powder (PTFE). This was a remarkable discovery that eventually gained wide acceptance in various applications in many types of industry most notably the chemical processing market. Valves, lined pipe, hose, expansion joints and fittings are but a few of the components that have become widely used in highly corrosive conditions. The discovery of PTFE eventually led to the development of other Fluoropolymers with some enhancement and refinement of the characteristics found in PTFE. Fluoropolymers today are continuing to evolve in new applications and have a profound impact on processes that require their safe and reliable operation.