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Our Flexibility Is Your Strength. United Flexible offers a high degree of expertise with over 100 years of engineering design and application knowledge, that makes our people provide you with flexible process technologies and a unique understanding of your flexible challenges in your equipment. Our corporate synergies are integrally combined to provide solutions to domestic and international customers.

World Renowned Products

United Flexible encompasses a wide range of engineered solutions of flexible technologies. Our OEM specialty applications solutions are designed specifically for your application. Some of our satisfied worldwide customers demand solutions to complex flexibility problems in markets such as military/government, semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas, refrigeration, aerospace and research. Whether conveying liquids and gases or requiring a flexible and durable conduit for delicate instrumentation, our hose assemblies will meet and exceed the demands of your application. Our products range from flexible metallic hose assemblies, metallic expansion joints, fluorpolymer hose assemblies and composite hose assemblies.

Prototype Testing

From a conceptual discussion with you at your facility, reviewing all the design parameters to a rigorously tested prototype, this is the outcome of many hours of thought, discussion and communication, which provides you with an engineered solution to your challenging flexible OEM Specialty Applications requirement.

We can offer additional testing to include:

  • Radiographic examination
  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Pneumatic testing
  • Helium mass spectrometer testing

Long term relationships or one-off custom assemblies can be thoroughly validated to your specific OEM specialty applications. Our Quality Engineering Team can produce documentation according to QS 9000 standards and APQP guidelines. Assemblies are manufactured in accordance with ASME Section IX Boiler Code and other regulatory institutions. We can also manufacture and are certified to clean assemblies as per CGA 4.1 specifications.

Our Wealth of Expertise

Through our people, our design, mechanical and our tooling engineers, we bring your flexible challenge to life with innovation in a high quality designed product that provides stability and life to your everyday processes within your equipment. Our OEM specialty applications team has many years of experience designing flexible systems for many diverse markets and harsh conditions.

Your Confidence in Our Quality

While our design and mechanical processes ensure a quality product is produced, we also believe the quality encompasses not just our products, but also our services, internally and externally, the consistency in supplying products with practices such as JIT and Kanban. Thereby, we can also provide the long term ability to meet your requirements for today and the future.

United Flexible is committed to providing you with our depth of expertise in design and testing that will solve your equipment or process challenge for the today and for the tomorrow.

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