The foundation of many of our ultra high pressure hose technologies started back with the Apollo Space Program to the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s. We provided flexible solutions to NASA and their major sub-contractors and have continued this tradition for many years. Our continuing dedication provided a level of trusted experience and excellence that enabled The Boeing Company and NASA to select United Flexible’s hose assemblies for their NORS Project on the ISS back in 2012. These hose assemblies have provided reliable and robust service in critical situations such as space walks.

We are currently supplying expertise for the Space Launch System and the Orion Spacecraft programs based on our dynamic engineering capability and our eye for detail. Manufacturing capability is not a sure way to be selected as a critical supplier. It needs to be coupled with a robust Quality Management System and a technical team that generates suitable solutions and proper documentation to satisfy the needs of these very important customers.

United Flexible also provides components to Tier 2 suppliers to the Commercial and Military aviation markets. For many years, flexible solutions have made possible breathable air flow management, altitude measurement actuation components, fuel flow measurement, hydraulic flow metering devices and other critical components to aviation. These components have been robust, reliable and well suited for their applications. Engineering expertise ensures a close working relationship between United Flexible and our customers; delivering solutions that satisfies their ever increasing demands.

With proven designs, digital modelling and world class certifications such as AS9100, NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) and ISO 9001, United Flexible’s Engineering can provide aerospace product solutions to

  • Extreme vibration and G-loading capability throughout the mission cycle
  • Sophisticated alloy materials resistant to engine exhaust gases and high stress demands
  • Safe transfer of cryogenic gases within the rocket stages
  • Robust and long lasting actuation sensing flexible devices
  • Fluoropolymer PTFE hose assemblies for hydraulic actuation
  • Superior welding techniques and inspection that assures the cleanest possible hose assemblies in critical vehicle applications

U.S. Hose Corporation, a United Flexible Company, as well as Fulton Bellows, are fully certified ITAR entities.