The primary industrial gases that are derived from air separation technology are nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%) and argon (.9%). Other gases that are separated in smaller quantities are krypton, neon and xenon. Also present in minute quantities are carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen. Air separation technology is widely used in producing high purity gases that are used in a diverse number of applications that include metal production, electronics, space exploration and chemical industries. High purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases (helium, neon, and krypton) are primarily produced using cryogenic fractionation technology. Coal gasification and steel production are major industries for oxygen consumption. The expansion of alternative energy sources is driving higher demand for industrial gases as well. In particular, growth in China, India and the Republic of Korea is forecasted to double in terms of consumption over the next 4 years. The overall total market for high purity gases is forecasted at a CAGR of 6.2% for the next several years.

Air Separation - C43051E r1United Flexible is a leader in providing advanced technological innovation and practical solutions to transfer volatile gases and cryogenic liquids at both low and extremely high pressures. Our mission is to supply highly reliable and safe flexible piping solutions to engineers and maintenance personnel.

  • Cryogenic Liquid Transport
  • Compressed Gas Transfer

Our air separation, cryogenic liquid and compressed gas solutions include:

  • Large diameter (1.5”-3.0” ID) corrugated metal hose assemblies for cryogenic liquid truck loading and unloading.
  • Small diameter (.5” ID) corrugated metal hose assemblies for filling and sampling cryogenic storage dewars.
  • Cylinder fill and release using small diameter (.250” ID) corrugated metal hose for hydrogen, helium, natural gas and chlorine.
  • Transfer of CNG and LNG for alternative fuel applications in vehicles using either flexible metallic or Fluoropolymer options designed to provide the most reliable solution.
  • Flexible PTFE & ETFE (3000-6000 PSI WP) hose assemblies for cylinder filling and discharge manifolds conveying nitrogen, argon, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and air.
  • Flexible PTFE & PFA (3000-6000PSI WP) hose assemblies cleaned, capped, tagged and bagged for oxygen service. Modern caustic cleaning service to Compressed Gas Association Guideline G-4.1.
  • Dense-Pac flexible hose for Breathing air Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for life support units.
  • Cryoflex® 200 cryogenic composite hose assemblies for LNG transfers both in plant or railcar applications and for ship-to-shore transfers
  • Longest continuous lengths in the industry (up to 200 feet continuous) of Ultra high pressure (6000 PSI) ETFE and PFA flexible hose assemblies.
  • Dense-Pak large diameter (1.25” ID) high pressure flexible hose for filling natural gas tenders.