United Flexible’s experience in the automotive industry provide solutions for manufacturers with low volume experimental vehicles with alternate fuel technologies that have included:

  • High strength alloys that resist attack from hydrogen.
  • Refueling hoses at the point of fueling for LPG or LNG.
  • Automotive Hoses that are resistant from biofuels and B100 biodiesel.
  • Automotive Hoses than can resist permeation from Freon’s
  • Replacing rubber hoses that age with heat and use with fatigue free fluoropolymer/PTFE Automotive hoses
  • Performance and high aesthetic looking  automotive hose for brake lines

All metallic assemblies are assembled by ASME Section IX certified welders with available WPS/PQR’s for client examination. Vigorously tested to whichever level of quality is needed but might include hydrostatical test, dye penetrant test, radiographic interpretation, high-pressure nitrogen or helium testing to name a few. Hoses can be shipped worldwide or purchased locally from anyone of United Flexible’s extensive agent and distributor network.

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