Oil and Gas Industrial Hose Applications - United Flexible
United Flexible’s experience in the oil and gas industry provides solutions for up and downstream operations that include:

  • Composite hose assemblies, such as our Heavy Duty Oilmaster, Chemiflex and Cryoflex for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship operations for hydrocarbon, chemical and cryogenic transfers including LPG and LNG hose assemblies.
  • Hoses resistant to seawater and saline environments in materials such as Monel 400 and Hastelloy C-276
  • Large diameter insulated metallic hose assemblies for LPG and LNG for FPSO’s, shuttle tankers, and regasification facilities
  • Replacing rubber hoses with fire resistant high-pressure metallic hose
  • Large diameter metallic hose for tank settlement joints and connections
  • High-pressure metallic hoses for natural gas operations, up 3,000 psi in 3” diameter
  • Providing flexible connectors on pumps and generators that eliminate vibration to pipework
  • High-pressure sampling lines from Christmas trees
  • High-temperature resistant Inconel 625 braided hose assemblies as flexible flare pipes
  • Chemically resistant composite hose assemblies as submersible hoses on tankers
  • All metallic assemblies are assembled by ASME Section IX certified welders with available WPS/PQR’s for client examination. Vigorously tested to whichever level of quality is needed but might include hydrostatical test, dye penetrant test, radiographic interpretation, high pressure nitrogen or helium testing to name a few.

Hoses that can be shipped worldwide or purchased locally from anyone of US Hose Corp’s extensive agent and distributor network.