The power generation market is experiencing dynamic growth worldwide to generate electrical energy in more efficient, cost effective and sustainable systems. Typical power generation plants are fueled by coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear, but can also be solar powered, wind powered, or geothermal powered. We know that some of the most important attributes to utilities when purchasing our product solutions are safety and reliability and to decrease downtime and mitigate risks.

Power Generation Industrial Hose Applications - United Flexible

Engineer examining instrumentation cables at fuel injection stage of gas turbine which drives generators in power plant while turbine is powered down

United Flexible is a leader in providing the technological and technical expertise to help power generation engineers in the following market segments:

  • Gas Turbine Power Generation
  • Renewable Power Generation
  • Fossil Fuel Power Generation

Our power generation solutions include:

  • High temperature resistant alloys in Inconel and Hastelloy used in engine exhaust systems, test stands, fuel burners and cells.
  • Alloys that provide high resistance against chloride attack and pitting.
  • Fire resistant, high pressure metallic hoses.
  • Flexible connectors on pumps and generators that eliminate vibration in adjacent pipework.
  • High temperature resistant alloys for gas injection on turbines.
  • High pressure metallic hoses on pump actuators at hydroelectric facilities with working pressures of 1200 psi (81 bar) in 4” diameter.
  • Diesel and gasoline resistant composite hose assemblies for fueling emergency generators.
  • PTFE hydraulic hose assemblies for actuators on wind turbines.
  • Metallic hose assemblies for geo-thermal stations where secondary containment protection for steam was required.
  • The use of filled PTFE nozzles and sleeves in high voltage SF6 gas circuit breaker applications that can withstand the wear and heat of the continuous arc.

Natural gas has emerged as a viable alternate fuel whose potential use can be increased by providing more government incentives to new users.

Renewable energy has great potential to play a significant role in increasing domestic energy supply. Growing awareness of the environmental impact of high consumption is the leading driver behind increasing interest in green technologies. A “Zero Concept” world with zero emissions, zero accidents, zero fatalities, zero defects, and zero breaches of security can now be a reality in the future. Companies are shifting focus to develop products and technologies that “innovate to zero.” Such zero-emission technologies include wind power, geothermal energy, solar photovoltaic (PV) and biomass.