The specialized refrigeration and cooling industry is driving innovative system solutions to meet global efficiency standards for commercial, transportation, industrial, stationary air conditioning, chillers and mobile air conditioning systems.

Refrigerated transportation is a critical link in the overall cold chain logistic operations. The localization of perishable commodities, growing population, coupled with rise in freight transportation due to economic development, has fueled the market for refrigerated transportation.

Cryogenic equipment are used to create, withstand, and operate in temperature below -150°C. They are used for refrigeration or creating a low temperature conditions through cryogenic gases such as nitrogen, helium, and argon among others. Cryogenic equipment include containers, pressure vessels, cold traps, purifiers, and flexible metallic hoses and piping. The key for the successful operation of the cryogenic equipment is the insulation that prevents the temperature inside the equipment to alter with a change in external temperatures. These equipment require specific pressure to be maintained to ensure that the desired temperature is sustained.

Our flexible hose and thermal actuator solutions include:

  • Stainless steel hose assemblies used on cryogenic vacuum pumps and chillers supplied to the semi-conductor industry where cleanliness and high leak tightness is required.
  • Corrugated braided stainless steel vibrasorbers hose assemblies used as vibration eliminators are fire proof and reduce leak concerns.
  • PTFE hose assemblies used in commercial refrigeration units
  • Internal thermal expansion valve that incorporate a precision bellow (commonly known as a diaphragm) to control the amount of refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit.