Fluoropolymer Tubing

ft3Industrial applications is the base in our range of Fluoropolymer tubing. We produce tubing in PTFE, FEP and PFA. Many dimensions are produced as stock items, which makes it possible for us to offer short delivery times. We have also a wide range of AWG tubing and shrink tubing.

In addition to this, we can offer customer specific fluoropolymer tubing, for example, with colors, fillers and marking. In our production, we regularly test tensile strength, cristallinity, diffusion as well as length variations. Specific and additional tests can be performed on customer demand. Read more about our products below.

Fluoroplastic tubing PTFE

industrial_tubingThe color of natural PTFE tubing is opaque to practically transparent. It has the lowest surface friction of all materials. This enables high flow rates and a very low risk of congestion. It has also a very good bending flexibility, is easy to clean, has a very low absorption coefficient for most substances, and requires no lubrication. PTFE has exquisite chemical resistance and temperature properties. The service temperature can be as high as +260°C and as low as -70°C. The material keeps many of its properties at even lower temperatures.

Fluoroplastic tubing FEP

industrial_tubingWe manufacture tubing in FEP. FEP is transparent and it can be welded as well as sealed by melting. The material is transparent to UV- and visible light. FEP is very easy to clean, has low absorption coefficient and requires no grease. The working temperature is very high from -75°C up to 260°C.


industrial_tubingAWG (American Wire Gauge) is a system for dimensions of fluoropolymer tubing aimed at electrical applications. We can supply you with a full range of AWG dimensions.

UL-approved tubing

ul_godkand_slangUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent organization for product safety, testing and inspection. We are approved to manufacture UL-tubing in the dimensional range of up to an internal diameter of 5 mm. UL component approval includes testing and evaluation of components, which later are to be used in final products or systems listed by UL.

Tube in various colors

Fluoroplastic_Tubing1We manufacture fluoropolymer tubing in various colors or with a marking line. We have 12 standard colors. Coloring is done by addition of pigments to the fluoroplastic materials. The coloring has a very insignificant impact on the properties of flouoroplastics.

Tubing with marking

slang_med_markningWe have the knowledge how to mark the tubing with text (for example, batch numbers, bar codes and logotypes). The nature of the marking is depending on the material in the tubing. Marking on PTFE is white while marking on FEP, PFA and EFTE is transparent.

Special tubing

special_slangWe offer fluoroplastic tubing according to specific customers needs like special dimensions, cut pieces, spiral cut, slitted etc. Please contact us for further information.

Tube with fillers

industrial_tubingIt is possible to further improve the product characteristics by adding fillers to the PTFE tubing. Fillers can improve wear & tear strength and the conductive properties. We use regularly a number of fillers for the tubing and the machined parts. For example: carbon, graphite, molybdenum, glassfibre, stainless steel and bronze.

Shrink tube

heatShrink tubing is used to give a protective layer to cover areas which can be exposed to aggressive chemicals, etching, moist, high temperatures or other critical environments. The protective layer means a tight sealing and helps extending the life of the product.

Convoluted PTFE tubing

veckad_slangConvoluted PTFE tubing offers a very good flexlife, as well as a very tight bending radius. The tubing is excellent for transport of gases and liquids, in for example, the food-, drug- and chemical industries. These fields that require the clean environment which PTFE can offer, with low surface friction in combination with low permeability and high demands on the bending radius.

Welding liner

svetslinerThe low friction and good heat properties makes PTFE an excellent choice for welding liners. We offer various colours and fillers to further enhance the properties of the products.

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