Machined Parts in PTFE

We develop and manufacture PTFE parts and components. Our production range contains everything from standard guide rings and seals to customer specific products. Our experience using different techniques, especially isostatic molding, gives us the ability to produce material samples for testing matching the properties which our customers are requiring. Machined PTFE Parts can be produced in pure PTFE or in PTFE combined with fillers. Fillers used are glass, carbon, bronze, steel and MoS2. Our machined products include nozzles, sleeves, bushings, flexible PTFE membranes, bellows, lab equipment in PTFE, filled and natural rollers, encapsulation of other objects in PTFE.

Development in close cooperation with customers

Common to all our machined parts is that they are always developed in close cooperation with the customer. Some examples are the guide rings, shape rolls, nozzles and sleeves for high voltage circuit breakers, diaphragms, seals, valves and expansion joints. Our solid experience in press technology, as well as regular traditional pressing isostatic pressing, means that we can produce unique materials with the exact features that our customers demand.

Machined PTFE Parts

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