Fluoroplastic Tubing

Fluoroplastic Tubing Products

Custom Engineered for Your Application Requirements

United Flexible offers a wide range of tubes for different environments and continuously develops new products in conjunction with customer’s requests.

Our fluoroplastic products offer superior chemical resistance and they work in a wide temperature range in comparison to other plastic products. Other distinguishing features are the very low friction combined with excellent isolating and electrical properties.

Since our tubes are made from PTFE and other fluoroplastics they are also easy to clean due to low adhesion ability. Moreover our products are very inert and do not react with other materials. They do not degrade by ultraviolet radiation, they do not age and do not according to UL-VO, burn.

United Flexible products are well suited in applications where no other solutions would be enough. Our products are used in a wide range of environments including medical equipment, aerospace and defense, food and drug processing, analytical instrumentation, electrical applications, heat exchangers and the transportation of harsh chemicals.

United Flexible delivers a wide range of fluoroplastic tubes, mainly in PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE. Our range comprises industrial tubes, colored, anti-static, corrugated, wire and welding liner, spiral cut and heat shrinkable tubing in dimensions according to metric, inch and AWG standards. Our tubes may also be delivered with UL-recognition. Special performance like pre-formed, pre-cut and color striped fluoroplastic tubes are delivered on request.


Industrial Fluoroplastic Tubing

We produce high quality industrial fluoroplastic tubing in a wide range of sizes and dimensions with tight tolerances.

Black and white image of clear and solid, industrial tubing lined up next to each other
Colored and Striped Tubing

We offer a standard range of a dozen colors but can also product tubing in special colors at the request of customers.

Spools of green, red, and white colored and striped tubing
Heat Shrinkable Tubing

This material provides a tight protective covering and extends the life to items that are subject to aggressive chemicals, corrosion, high temperature or other critical conditions. Useful in various applications such as electronics, chemical, optical, medical and in automotive uses.

Clear, heat shrinkable fluoroplastic tubing
Corrugated Tubing

Offers an extremely flexible and a near zero bend radius capability. It is ideal for protection and to transport gas, fluids and chemicals.

Two sizes of white, clear corrugated tubing
Spiral Cut Tubing

A highly flexible wrap for harnessing and insulating wires, cables, hoses and other bundles. Our spiral cut tubing is most expandable and can be used and reused on already assembled cables in a wide range of dimensions.

Various sizes and colors for spiral cut tubing
Antistatic Tubing

Prevent electrical charges to occur at high flow rates.

Black, corrugated antistatic tubing
Preformed Tubing

We are capable of producing pre-formed tubes in a variety of shapes and configurations to fulfill design opportunities.

Pre-formed tubes in a variety of shapes and configurations to fulfill design opportunities
Wire and Welding Liner

Provide smooth gliding with low friction, long lifetime and chemical resistance.

Spool of yellow wire and welding liner
Lazer Marking

Lazer Marking on the tubing is possible to include date of manufacturing, batch number, or your company name.

Lazer marking for labelling white and black plastic hoses

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