Hose / Assemblies

Silver hose assembly head used in performance-critical equipment

United Flexible is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of performance-critical rigid and flexible engineered solutions for the transfer of fluids and gases in extreme environments. United Flexible engineers and manufactures high-quality hose and hose assemblies: offering a high degree of expertise with over 100 years of engineering design and application knowledge.


Hose & Hose Assemblies Include:

The end of a silver AFCX Super Flexible Medium Pressure Annular Hose

Flexible Metal

Our global facilities offer a broad range of corrugated inner core diameters and designs, multi braiding capabilities, and engineered assembly expertise.

Grey and blue 3D cross-section of the inside of a UF Chemiflex PSP951 Small Diameter Chemical Hose


Our composite hose will not kink or collapse, has superb flexibility and hoop strength, with exceptional service life, safety, and performance.

Various flexible hose types and combinations


Offering engineered solutions that address flexure, vibration, thermal or pressure related problems. Commonly used in the transfer of liquids or gases.

The different pieces of a Swift Fit hose aligned next to each other

Custom / Specialty

For special industrial hose applications, choose from our specialty hose solutions, which are engineered to meet your application requirements.

The opening of a Heavy Duty Easy Bend Open Pitch Flared Convoluted PTFE Hose

High Pressure

We offer multi braiding capabilities, and engineered assembly expertise for high-pressure applications sub-sea, on land, or even in outer space.