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Custom / Specialty Hose & Assemblies

Custom Engineering for Your Application Requirements
A custom made Bronze attachment with helical screws on either side

For special industrial hose applications, choose from our specialty hose and hose assembly solutions, or contact us for custom engineering to meet your application requirements.


Swift Fit®

The Swift Fit system is designed for a fast installation of parts from heating systems like fan coil units, air heaters, etc. Flexible hose is made of stainless steel 316L. 100% oxygen tight and does not age, with brass fittings, complete with stainless steel retaining rings and asbestos free gasket. Standard coil length 6 m (1.1/4” – 3 m), for static connection only.

The different pieces of a Swift Fit hose aligned next to each other
Flexible Gas Hose Connectors

United Flexible produces a range of flexible connectors for gas meters and catering appliances, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Corrects misalignment of rigid gas pipes. Eliminates transmitted noise or vibration. Stainless steel annular corrugated metal hose with stainless or carbon steel fixed or swiveling unions and connectors. On-site sweating of pipe joints is eliminated. Provides a means of taking up any rigid pipework misalignment which avoids imposing stress on the meter unit and additional rigid pipework. All welded construction offers greater fire resistance compared to soldered joints. Suitable for all types of domestic and commercial meters, free standing or boxed.

The end of a silver Flexible Gas Hose Connector
Tire Press Hose

For more than two decades tire manufacturers have relied on the engineered performance of United Flexible tire press assemblies to eliminate downtime and reduce maintenance costs. United Flexible tire press assemblies are hand crafted with precision and care to ensure that your curing presses have the best quality flexible hose connection available on the market today. No matter what your service conditions demand, United Flexible can custom engineer a Fluoropolymer platen hose to reduce operation costs and meet your maintenance and budget needs.

The end of a rubber blue Tire Press Hose

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