Precision Bellows

Precision Bellows

Custom Engineered for Your Application Requirements
Five precision bellows placed next to each other

Our design engineers are able to produce a bellows solution for the most basic applications, to those that are extremely complicated and unique. We are able to provide you these solutions supported by life test data and years of excellent field performance. The metal bellows solutions are used in many technology sectors such as to regulate pressure and temperature in aerospace and automobile applications, heating systems, medical equipment, gas turbines, oil & gas exploration, seals for industrial valves and electrical equipment.


Metal Bellows

Metal Bellows are available in single-ply or multiple-ply (2, 3, or more), as well as in common metals and super alloys (stainless steels, nickels, coppers, etc.). Our bellows are manufactured by using either a seamless drawn tube or a seam-welded tubes. These tubes are made by being hydroformed (O.D. sizes from ¼” to 4½”), or by being mechanically rolled (O.D. sizes from 2” to 12”). Our bellows can be custom-designed for your unique application.

A small precision bellows standing verically
Bellows Assemblies

We offer custom bellows assemblies to meet our customers applications. These custom assemblies include MEA matched and evacuated assemblies (aneroid). United Flexible’s bellows assemblies are joined utilizing the best process for each application. Some of these capabilities include GTAW welding, laser welding, resistance welding, torch brazing, induction brazing, and soldering. Our bellows assemblies can also be heat treated, annealed, precipitation heat treated, or gas, vapor, or liquid charged.

A metal thermal actuator with ridged siding standing upright
Seamless and Seam-Welded Tubes

Seamless tubes are available with a wall thickness as low as .0030″, and diameters from 0.170″ to 3″. We offer lengths up to 24″ with open or closed end. United Flexible uses common metals and super alloys (stainless steels, nickels, coppers, etc.). Seam-welded tubes are available with a wall thickness from .005″ to .025” , and diameters from .375 – 12” We offer lengths up to 40″ depending on the tube diameter. These tubes are made from weldable metal alloys (stainless steels, nickels, coppers, etc.) and can be manufactured as single-ply or multiple-ply (2, 3 or more).

Several seamless and Seam-Welded Tubes

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