Industrial Solutions

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United Flexible is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of performance-critical rigid and flexible engineered solutions for the transfer of fluids and gases in extreme environments.

Whether it’s transferring cryogenic liquids in large diameters marine hoses or absorbing thermal expansion and eliminating vibration in pipework, United Flexible continues to provide flexible solutions in a wide range of industrial applications. Other applications include semi-conductor, pharma/medical,power generation, automotive, oil, gas / oxygen production, marine, and chemical transfers.

Our flexible hose technologies are manufactured utilizing stainless steel, inconel, hastalloy, incoloy, monel as well as fluoropolymers and thermoplastics, which are engineered to conform to many industrial standards that include ASME Section VIII and IX. Our proven designs and industry standard certifications of ISO 9000, PED, EN result in superior product performance in demanding applications.

Industrial Solutions

Air Separation

Air separation technology is widely used in producing high purity gases that are used in metal production, electronics, space exploration and chemical industries. High purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases (helium, neon, and krypton) are primarily produced using cryogenic fractionation technology.

United Flexible is a leader in providing advanced technological innovation and practical solutions to transfer volatile gases and cryogenic liquids at very low and high pressures. Our mission is to supply highly-reliable and safe flexible piping solutions:

Air separation technology is widely used in producing high purity gases

Our air separation, cryogenic liquid, and compressed gas solutions include large diameter corrugated metal hose assemblies for cryogenic truck loading and unloading; small diameter corrugated metal hose assemblies for filling and sampling cryogenic storage dewars; cylinder filling using small diameter corrugated metal and fluoropolymer hose assemblies for hydrogen, helium, natural gas with Dense-Pak high pressure flexible hose for filling natural gas tanks. We can also offer cryogenic composite hose assemblies to lightweight handling of refrigerated gases.

Note: Flexible PTFE, ETFE and PFA (3000-6000 PSI WP) ultra high-pressure hose assemblies available at the longest continuous lengths in the industry, up to 200 feet.

Automotive & Transportation

Have low volume experimental vehicles or need alternate fuel technologies? We use high strength alloys that resist attack from hydrogen in applications that include refueling hoses for LPG / LNG, and automotive hoses that are resistant from biofuels / B100 biodiesel / freon permeation.

Replace rubber hoses that age and fatigue with heat using our fluoropolymer/PTFE automotive hoses. We also have high-performance automotive brake lines with high aesthetics. Our hoses can be shipped worldwide or purchased locally.


Note: All metallic assemblies are assembled by ASME Section IX certified welders with available WPS/PQRs for client examination. Products are vigorously tested to quality standards that may include hydrostatical tests, dye penetrant tests, radiographic interpretation, or high-pressure nitrogen / helium testing.


Our Composite technologies can provide a highly flexible kink-resistant hose suitable for biofuel production of biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, propanol and butanol to meet all of your biofuel hose applications needs. Its specialized construction can provide ease of multiple connections and disconnections daily thus relieving fatigue on the operator and provide continuous performance and durability.


Whether your application is batching, blending, tank-to-tank transfers, or railcar loading/unloading, let United Flexible select the correct composite hose for your biofuel application.

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United Flexible provides solutions based on decades of experience in the marine industry. Our braided metallic hose, composite hose and fluoropolymer hose assemblies have provided safe and reliable operation in some of the world’s harshest environments. Our Willcox Hose ‘MarineMaster’ and HD Oilmaster hydrocarbon transfer assemblies are renowned for safe and reliable performance. Our Cryoflex® 200 LNG transfer hose assemblies were engineered and designed for the first transfers of LNG from a refinery in Brunei Darussalam in the early 1970’s, and are being used today on LNG vehicle dispensers.


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Development work with our ultra high pressure metallic hose assemblies provided solutions for the world’s largest manufacturer of marine engines for their newest range of LNG fueled engines. Our composite transfer hose assemblies provide reliable and safe transfers of hydrocarbons over water on a daily basis worldwide.

Applications: Our Monel 400 and Hastelloy C-276 braided metallic hose assemblies are used in offshore applications on drilling platforms in the North Sea. Our fluoropolymer hoses with super duplex stainless steel end connections are used in subsea oxygen rich environments. Our 401H product is ABS Type approved for use in fuel oil and water systems on board ABS approved vessels. Our chemical composite hose assemblies are IMO and class NK approved for use on ocean-going vessels. Our stainless steel expansion joints and pump connectors are approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping for general machinery designs on board vessels. Our stainless steel braided metallic hoses are approved for use with Rolls Royce marine gas turbines.

Oil & Gas

United Flexible provides solutions for up and downstream operations, including: composite hose assemblies (ship-to-shore / ship-to-ship hydrocarbon, chemical and cryogenic transfers); LPG and LNG hose assemblies; large diameter insulated metallic hose assemblies (LPG / LNG for FPSO’s, shuttle tankers, and regasification facilities); large diameter metallic hose (tank settlement joints and connections); and high-pressure metallic hoses, up to 3,000 psi in 3” diameter (natural gas operations).


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We provide flexible connectors on pumps and generators that eliminate vibration to pipework, braided hose assemblies resistant to high temperature (such as Inconel 625 braided hose assemblies as flexible flare pipes), submersible composite hose assemblies resistant to chemicals, and hoses resistant to seawater and saline environments (including Monel 400 and Hastelloy C-276). Replacing rubber hoses with fire resistant high-pressure metallic hose can drastically improve reliability in your application.

Note: All metallic assemblies are assembled by ASME Section IX certified welders with available WPS/PQR’s for client examination. Vigorously tested to appropriate standards, including hydrostatical tests, dye penetrant tests, radiographic interpretation, and/or high pressure nitrogen/helium testing.

Power Generation

The power generation market is experiencing dynamic growth worldwide to generate electrical energy in more efficient, cost effective and sustainable systems. Typical power generation plants are fueled by coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear; but can also be solar, wind, or geothermal powered. Natural gas has emerged as a viable alternate fuel, with government incentives increasing potential use.

We know that some of the most important attributes to utilities when purchasing our product solutions are safety, reliability, decreased downtime, and risk mitigation.


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Solutions and Applications:

  • High temperature-resistant alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy): gas injection on turbines, engine exhaust systems, test stands, fuel burners
  • Alloys providing high resistance to chloride attack/pitting
  • Fire-resistant, high-pressure metallic hoses
  • Flexible connectors on pumps/generators that eliminate vibration in adjacent pipework
  • High-pressure metallic hoses (with working pressures of 1200 psi/81 bar in 4” diameter): on pump actuators at hydroelectric facilities and geo-thermal stations requiring secondary containment protection for steam
  • Diesel and gasoline-resistant composite hose assemblies: fueling emergency generators
  • PTFE hydraulic hose assemblies: actuators on wind turbines
  • Filled PTFE nozzles and sleeves: high-voltage SF6 gas circuit breaker applications (to withstand wear/heat of continuous arc)

Note: Renewable energy has great potential to play a significant role in increasing domestic energy supply. Growing awareness of the environmental impact of high consumption is the leading driver behind increasing interest in green technologies. A “Zero Concept” world with zero emissions, zero accidents, zero fatalities, zero defects, and zero breaches of security can now be a reality in the future. Companies are shifting focus to develop products and technologies that “innovate to zero.” Such zero-emission technologies include wind power, geothermal energy, solar photovoltaic (PV) and biomass.


The refrigeration and cooling industry is changing to meet global efficiency standards, in commercial/residential and stationary/mobile applications. Refrigerated transportation is a critical link in cold-chain logistic operations. Perishable products, a growing population, and a rise in freight transportation has fueled the market for refrigerated transportation.

Cryogenic equipment operates in temperature below -150°C, using cryogenic gases such as nitrogen, helium, and argon; and may be comprised of containers, pressure vessels, cold traps, purifiers, and flexible metallic hoses/piping. The key for successful operation of cryogenic equipment is proper insulation to prevent temperature changes inside equipment based upon external temperature changes.

A high pressure metal hose connected to a cryocooling chamber


Note: Stainless steel hose assemblies used on cryogenic vacuum pumps and chillers are also supplied to the semi-conductor industry where cleanliness and high leak tightness is required. Corrugated braided stainless steel vibrasorbers and hose assemblies are used as vibration eliminators, are fire proof, and reduce leak concerns. PTFE hose assemblies are often used in commercial refrigeration units. Internal thermal expansion valves incorporate a precision bellow (commonly known as a diaphragm) to control the amount of refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit.


United Flexible products are used in broad applications within the semi-conductor industry, including stainless steel braided hose assemblies used as cryocooling lines, fluoropolymer hose assemblies for the transfer of high purity chemicals (used for etching and cleaning), and metallic bellows used in actuation systems.